Japan in Autumn.
Omotenashi cuisine & sake tasting.

10/9(Wed) 19:00~22:00
(19:00~Japanese sake workshop)
(19:20~Greeting from the organizer)

You will learn the basics of Japanese cuisine so that you can show off your expertise at a dinner party.
You will also be provided the best insights for choosing a sake that suits your cuisine from a variety of choices.
※Although it is not all-you-can-drink, we will serve sake that is suited for each dish.
Japanese Traditional Culture Association member
Geoge Ezawa (Japanese sake)  Yoshimatsu Fujikata (Japanse cuisine),
Risho Seo (Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement)

Japanese cuisine menu

Appetizer: pickled tuna and cheese
Soup: Soup with matsutake mushroom) and see eel
Side dish: Horse mackerel mixed with miso and mixed well, skipjack, and sea bream
Grilled food : Sword fish with salt
Fried food: Deep fried shiitake mushroom and shrimp
Cooked food: Cooked with octopus and radish
Sushi: Tuna, flatfish, angelfish liver
Dessert: Vanilla ice cream
(Varies depending on daily availability)
We will serve 6-7 kinds of sake to match the food to be changed according to the temperature.

Omotenashi cuisine & sake tasting.