The Japanese-style souvenirs displayed near the entrance of Jingoro's stores have been well received.

These souvenirs are sold as part of a project of the "Association for Japanese Traditional Culture and Hospitality," in which Jingoro participates.

On the left side are handmade origami crafts such as Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms, and on the right side are photos, cards, and other favorite items, as well as memorable moments, to be displayed in their rooms.

Since we have many foreign customers these days, Japanese souvenirs that are uniquely Japanese are much appreciated.

They are also appreciated as souvenirs for celebrations such as personnel transfers or graduations.

They are a delight to the eyes of everyone waiting for lunch.


We do not have a large stock of these items in our store, but you can purchase them if they are on display. Please ask for them.

Until the Dolls' Festival in March, we will be selling a limited number of products featuring the dolls in the photo on the right.


You can also purchase them through our online store.

Souvenirs and gifts with Japanese taste, Hina Matsuri
These products are also available in our online store.

Japanese taste souvenir, gift, cherry blossom
This product is also available in our online store.